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Slijpen Legal is a boutique legal consultancy firm with a focus on Food and Feed Law, Consumer Law, Cosmetics, eHealth and Pharmaceutical Law.

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Slijpen Legal - Food Law

Slijpen Legal is a boutique legal consultancy firm with a focus on Food and Feed Law, Consumer Law and Pharmaceutical Law.

Health Claims & Food Safety

We consult and represent our clients in the niche field of Food and Feed Marketing, Health claims, Food labelling and Food Safety at a national, European and international level. The legal services we offer in the area of (European) food law, cover issues such as food and feed quality, packaging requirements, GMO’s and biotechnology, novel foods, food and feed quality standards, Food Contact Materials and traceability requirements.

mr. Suzan Slijpen also teaches food & feed law at Symposia and University, and is a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Levensmiddelenrecht (NVLR) and the Vereniging Farma en Recht (VFenR).

Pharmaceutical Law, GMP & API's

In the area of Pharmaceutical Law, we offer services regarding issues such as traceability, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), good distribution practices, permit requirements, patents, product safety and product liability, environmental safety, medicine packaging, national and international quality standards, licenses for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pricing policy, eHealth, medical software licenses, health apps and competition law.

Contract Law

Are you seeking legal advice or help regarding contracts and contractual relationships, contractual requirements, laws and regulations concerning dietary supplements and food processing, cosmetics, agricultural law, privacy policies, terms of service or intellectual property? Feel free to contact us!

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